Banking Tips for UK Casino Players

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While online casinos allow you to gamble purely for fun, it's far more satisfying to play for real cash. Not only are casino games extremely thrilling when they involve real money, but it's very possible to win the jackpot even when you play for low stakes.

However, some players have doubts about making a deposit. Fortunately, depositing money into your account is pretty easy with a little bit of help. Read this guide to know more about funding and cash-out options for many a UK casino, as well as banking fees.

Most Popular UK Casino Banking Options

UK Casino Banking Tips

Debit/credit cards: These are the two most popular debit/credit cards in the world and they're one of the most used casino payment options among players in the United Kingdom.

Since most Brits have these cards, it's no surprise that they're the payment method of choice for making quick deposits and withdrawals. Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express and the like are other payment options in this category.

E-wallets: These allow you to safely store all your card/banking information under one account. They provide instant transactions for deposits and withdrawals. Some of the major e-wallets accepted by British casinos include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

PayPal is the most well-known e-wallet in the world and only permits transactions from a select list of European nations, including Britain, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Denmark, and Austria.

Withdrawing is simple and usually takes less than a day. You don't incur fees for depositing, but you can incur a charge while withdrawing. In addition, you should also keep in mind that you can only cash out with PayPal if you deposited in it.

Neteller incurs charges, but there are commission-free Neteller gambling sites out there. It's a safe and fast payment method since you don't share any information with the casino other than your account ID. The currency commission for Neteller is over 3%.

Like PayPal and Neteller, Skrill is also safe and convenient to use. It's widely accepted for deposits and withdrawals and also carries commission charges.

Offline payment options: If online banking options aren't your cup of tea, you can also make use of bank drafts and bank wire cheques by presenting yourself at your bank. This is the most time-consuming casino payment method and you may incur a fee.

Bitcoin: Virtual currencies are quickly gaining traction these days. Bitcoin offers anonymity and small fees, as well as safe security protocols. It beats all the other payment methods on speed, charges low fees, but isn't regulated by the government like real currencies.

Banking Fees

UK Casino Banking Tips

While deposit fees are quite rare in the UK, you'll find that certain casinos do charge small fees when you withdraw. Fortunately, these fees are less common today. It's very possible to find casinos, online bookmakers, and poker rooms that charge no fees at all. Even sites that charge nominal fees often offer players a few free alternatives.

If you're worried about fees eating into your winnings, it's definitely wise to shop a bit around for a casino banking method. Thankfully, UK casinos are upfront and all of this information is posted on their help sections.